ANCE performs compliance evaluation activities through physical evaluation or verifications, sampling, measurement, laboratory tests or document verification in a specific moment or period, guaranteeing technically competent, unbiased, and confidential services

We are committed to evaluate products and procedures from a wide range of sectors.

• Verification of commercial information in general product labeling
• Product verification
• Energy efficiency verification
• Medical device verification by third parties authorized by COFEPRIS


• Fire extinguisher chemical powder verification
• H mark verification
• Telecommunications verification
• Work health and safety verification
• GHE reports and projects verification
• Verification of standard nom-251-ssa1-2009 hygiene practices for food, beverage, or food supplement processing


•Verification of the lawful and sustainable sources of raw materials used to manufacture paper and cardboard
•Verification by third parties authorized by COFEPRIS regarding the evaluation of hygiene practices for food, beverages, or food supplement

GHE Validation/Verification


We are an Agency Verification / Validation Greenhouse accredited by EMA for the Energy sector, Industrial Processes and Land Use Change Land Use and Forestry (USCUSyS) indicated in the written approval number No: GEI 001 /fifteen. Date of entry into force: 06.26.2015.

GHE Validation/Verification Procedure
GHE Verification

Third-Party Authorized Verification Unit / Drugs and Medical Devices


ANCE’s Verification Unit has a multidisciplinary work team qualified to carry out dossier verifications according to applicable regulations. We issue Favorable Technical Reports (pre-ruling), reducing response times by COFEPRIS

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