We are a pioneering company in the preparation, release, and application of standards for thousands of products and services.

ANCE is officially registered as a National Standardization Organization as granted by the General Standards Directorate. We conduct standardization activities through ANCE’s Standardization Committee.

Thanks to our experienced personnel, ANCE represents the different sectors involved in the field across the country, developing National and International Standardization activities with direct impact in Mexico.

Standardization grants access to markets based on standard compliance, which are pivotal to establish acknowledgement agreements.

We participate in the preparation of international standards

Some areas in which we currently participate include:
• Electromagnetic compatibility
• Energy quality
• Restricted substances
• Eco-design
• Carbon footprint
• Smart networks
• Smart meters
• Photovoltaic systems
• Electric cars
• Domotics
• Aerogenerators
• Nanotechnology
• Power management systems

Support tools

• Procedures
• Reference standards
Clarification sheet

Our services:
• Standards for the electric power sector
• Preparation of Mexican Standards for the sectors of electric power, domestic appliances, electrical installations, channeling systems, and cable supports

• ANCE standards, hard copy
• ANCE standards package, hard copy
• ANCE Mexican standards, electronic format (PDF)
• Standards, electronic format customized for personal use (watermarked))
• Standards, electronic format customized for corporate use (watermarked)