ANCEs test laboratories provide a wide range of services to determine and verify product properties based on predefined criteria. Their staff is highly qualified to perform the applicable measurements and analysis as per the relevant safety and energy efficiency standards.

With over 800 testing methods and three laboratories in Mexico City, Apodaca, Nuevo Leon, and Zapopan, Jalisco, ANCEs facilities are designed to conduct different product tests, with experienced personnel to conduct each analysis through reliable test methods.

Our services cover a wide range of products including the following: household appliances, electronic products, lighting fixtures, refrigerators,

washing machines, ballasts, electrical devices, matches, coolers, refrigeration cabinets, air conditioning, household water pumps, pushchairs, non-adhesive products, as well as fire and corrosion environmental tests, among others, in different sectors, like: safety, energy efficiency, and performance.

We also provide electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) tests for electromedical equipment, home appliances, lighting equipment, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth equipment, R&D or competitive differentiation comparison and operation tests, environmental compliance to ENERGY STAR®, RoHS, or EuP, and turnkey certification management. EMC tests meet local and international requirements.


ANCE’s test laboratory is licensed by the Mexican Accreditation Office (ema), authorized and approved by the relevant agencies (in the applicable standards) to perform tests in the electric-electronic and metalmechanics fields, with the necessary know-how, infrastructure, and staff to issue valid test reports for product certification, mainly in the safety, energy efficiency sector, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and telecommunications.

Accredited Method Documents: Mexico Testing Laboratory


Electric-Electronic CONUEE ANCE Authorization
Electric-Electronic DGN ANCE Authorization
Electric-Electronic ANCE Accreditation Document
Metal-Mechanics Renewal
SE DGN-312-05-2011-2460 Approval
NOM-004-ENER CONUEE TIS-136-11 Approval Office of Laboratory Accreditation expansion ANCE Mexico in EMC
Authorization to IFT Laboratory ANCE Mexico in the DT-IFT-004-2014
Authorization to IFT Laboratory ANCE Mexico in the DT-IFT-008-2015
Approval of DGN Laboratorio ANCE Mexico NOMEM-016-SCFI-2015

Guadalajara Testing Laboratory

Laboratory accreditation ANCE Branch Jalisco
Office of Laboratory Accreditation Branch ANCE Jalisco in EMC and Telecommunications
Authorization to IFT Laboratory in Jalisco Branch ANCE DT-IFT-008-2015
Approval of DGN to ANCE Branch Laboratory Jalisco in NOM-EM-016-SCFI-2015

Apodaca Testing Laboratory

Accreditation document for the ELECTRIC, ELECTRONIC AND ENERGY EFFICIENCY area
Accreditation document for the METAL MECHANICS area 


Our services include the following
• Household appliances
• Electronic products (comprehensive services)

• Lighting fixtures
• Refrigerators
• Washing machines
• Ballasts
• Electrical devices

• Matches
• Coolers
• Refrigeration cabinets
• Corrugated tube
• Air conditioning

• Household water pumps
• Pushchairs
• Chemical powder
• Corrosion tests, among,others.