ANCE’s certification services in the labor sector provide solutions to meet your needs while contributing to better opportunities.


•Home electrical installations
•Installation of grid-connected photovoltaic systems up to 10 kW Low voltage with no battery backup
•Safety management systems consulting
•Solar water heating system installation


• Air conditioning and commercial refrigeration systems installation and maintenance
• Candidate proficiency evaluation based on Competency Standards
• Evaluation centers and independent evaluators
• Sustainable household thermosiphon solar water heating system installation


Competencia Labor Competency

Labor competency training, evaluation, and certification

Authorized as a Certification and Evaluation Organization as of May 9th, 2008, ANCE is certified by CONOCER through registration No. ECE193-15 to train, evaluate and/or certify labor competencies according to the National Registry of Competency Standards guidelines, as well as to certify, after due approval by CONOCER, Evaluation Centers and/or Independent Evaluators in one or several Competency Standards.

Certify your knowledge, capacities, skills, and ability in the following areas:

EC0038 Diner Guest Catering.
EC0065 Solar Water Heating System Installation.
EC0076 Candidate Proficiency Evaluation Based on Competency Standards.
EC0081 Hygienic Food Management.
EC0091 Third-Party Verification of Operations at Evaluation Centers and for Independent Evaluators.

To verify the national registry of individuals with certified competencies, please visit:

EC0118 Home Electrical Installations.
EC0325 Sustainable Household Thermosiphon Solar Water Heating System Installation.
EC0412 Energy Efficiency Management within Organizations. EC0431 Household Energy System Comprehensive Performance Savings Promotion.
EC0443 Air Conditioning and Commercial Refrigeration Systems Installation and Maintenance.
EC0473 Forced Air Thermotank Solar Water Heating System Installation. EC0586 Home, Business, and Industry Photovoltaic System Installation.

Gender equality labor certification (NMX-R-025-SCFI2012)

With support by the federal government, this certification minimizes gender discrimination and guarantees equal opportunities for men and women to attain equal labor conditions and rights. It fosters high personnel permanency rates, providing certainty among employees as they work for organizations that aim at equality and inclusion among their entire staff.

IQNet SR 10 - Social responsibility management system

Organizations in today’s global environment are undergoing transformation and developing a culture and skills in support of a comprehensive approach to achieve the following:
• Sustained Economic Development
• Strategic Use of Resources
• Promotion of an Adequate Social Environment
An objective approach to Social Responsibility consists in going beyond acknowledging potential intracompany risks and implementing actions, through ethical and honest behavior, that consider the effect that activities and decisions have on society and the environment. As an IQNet member (The International Certification Network), ANCE’s certifications are recognized in over 150 countries



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