This is a key sector for a country’s development, as it provides fundamental well-being elements for society.

ANCEs certification services will help you meet the relevant standards to conquer new markets and guarantee safety to consumers.


• Home and commercial water heaters
• Solar water heaters
• Central, package or split air conditioners
• Split air conditioners (Inverter)
• Room air conditioners
• Split air conditioners
• Conductors
• Renewable class H fuses
• Cap fuses
• EDISON screw base lampholders
• Metal screen power cables, insulated with cross-linked polyethylene or ethylene-propylene-based for voltages of 5 kV to 35 Kv
• Molded case circuit breakers
• Electrical devices
• Electrical conductor supports – metal tray support systems
• General use switches for fixed electrical installations
• Corrugated tube (flexible)
• Heavy-duty, light heavy-duty, and light rigid metal steel tubes
• Water flow regulators
• Hot water recirculators
• Residential grid-tied photovoltaic systems



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