Come and learn more about the importance of standards!

At ANCE we are interested in fostering the culture of standardization and conformity assessment. That is why we open our doors so that students of higher level know our facilities and visit our testing laboratories in order to strengthen our links with future professionals in Mexico.

• Learn about standardization and conformity assessment and its relevance to the economy, productivity and competitiveness.

• Have an approach to the development of laboratory tests to know how the products comply with the Official Mexican Standards and Mexican Standards.

• Listen to the technical experts to know how many areas the regulations apply and their importance for the development of our country.

• Observe how theory is combined with practice.

• Link with the leading organization in Mexico, with more than 24 years of experience.

Elements of the visit:

• Talk with standardization experts.
• Talks with technical experts.
• Access to testing laboratories.
• Live laboratory tests.
• Knowledge of the equipment with which thousands of products are certified
and verified.