Currently, home appliances feature more safety measures to prevent accidents during use.

Consumers prefer energy-efficient appliances with the lowest environmental impact.

As Mexico is among the worlds top producers of home appliances, ANCE provides different services to guarantee reliability and safety to consumers.


• Household appliances, household equipment, minor appliances
• Home laundry machines
• Home refrigerators and freezer appliances
• Self-contained commercial refrigeration appliances
• Automatic voltage regulators
• Pressure cookers

Commercial Verification


• Commercial information for packaging, instructions and guarantees for electronic, electrical and home electrical appliances.


Electrical safety test
• Heating
• Dielectric
• Abnormal

Mechanical safety test
• Stability
• Movable parts
• Scratch resistance


Fire protection • Glow-wire
• Flammability
• Tracking

Environmental test • Humidity
• Watertightness
• Corrosion


Performance test

Electromagnetic compatibility tests (emission and immunity)

Energy consumption test


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